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This page should help you find a room and a roommate for your stay at LSU. Email us your name, email address and/or a phone number and a brief message if you want to use this service. Your message will be posted on the website as soon as possible. We reserve the right to edit the text of a displayed message to maintain the unified layout. All postings will be removed from our website after 3 months, unless a request for further advertisement is made. If you want your message to be posted again, please send us an e-mail with updated details of your search.

You must be either an international student or a student looking for an intern

Students: We cannot filter the responses that result from this posting! Please be very careful to verify information from respondents themselves.

The email addresses listed below are photos, not text. You write them down and type them in to your response.

Name Looking for Description Date
Chang Liu Roommate
My name is Chang Liu. My email is cliu14@tigers.lsu.edu. my phone number is 832-205-3651 I am looking for a person or two persons to sublease my current apartment, It locates at tigerland, Cambridge apartment. The rent is 600/month. it is a one bedroom and one bathroom. Room size is big and the place is nice and quiet. There is a school line in front of the apartment and it is convenient to commute.

Jul 27th, 15
Ramy Alsaffar Roommate
Hi, my name is Ramy Alsaffar, male, 28 years old. I am a graduate student from Iraq. I am looking for a room and a roommate. I am going to study Computer Science for two years. I don't smoke. I will arrive on August 8th. please contact me as soon as possible: My email address is: ramyalsaffar@yahoo.com My number (for whatsapp & vibe) is: 009647901189733

Jul 24th, 15
Sunghyun Kim Apartment
Hi, my name is Sunghyun Kim, an international graduate student from Korea. I am looking for a place to live. Especially, I would like to get Eduard Gay or Nicholson house. Another place would be fine if under 400 per a month. I am study-oriented and no smoking.

Jul 22nd, 15
Gazelle Naghshbandi Roommate
I am a Grad Fine art student, looking for a female roommate share my 2 bedroom apartment for september. The room is located in Embassy Apartments, very close to Campus, just 10 minutes walking distance. The rent, not including electricity and internet, would be 428$. The apartment is unfurnished. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jul 21st, 15
Jose N. Martinez Roommate
I am a Engineering Science PhD international student from Honduras looking for a room or apartment to rent for the Fall 2015 semester. I'm easy going and chill. Looking to move in by the end of the first week of August, sooner or later if needed. My number is 601-596-3257. Willing to get something at Eduard Gay or Nicholson, but I can take any other complex either.

Jul 21st, 15
Youjin Choi Roommate
I’m a Korean girl and 25 years old. Going to LSU for my graduate program, studying political science. Outgoing and friendly in general. Not much of a party person but enjoy chilling and hanging out with people. I have a place at Nicholson dorm and currently looking for a roommate that I can move in with. I'm looking for a female rommate. I'll pay $320, and you can pay $285 since my room is a little bit bigger than your room, but there's no big difference in the size of the two rooms. The move in date is on August 4th. My email is yjchoi1123@gmail.com If you're interested, contact me!:)

Jul 20th, 15
Jeewan Ranasinghe Roommate
Hi, I am Jeewan and I am a 2nd year PhD student from the department of Chemistry. I am looking for a bedroom to rent at Edward Gay apartment. I would like to move-in by the beginning of September. I am friendly and a study oriented person. Please feel free to contact me if you have an empty room.

Jul 17th, 15
Mohammad Mussadiq Jalalzai Roommate
I'm M. Mussadiq Jalalzai. I'm graduate student in Computer Science. I live in an on-campus apartment with two bedrooms and I would like to share one of the room. The rent would be $320 in total: $300 of rent plus $20 for internet if needed. You can move-in from the 1st week of August. Contact if you are interested or want more information.

Jul 17th, 15
Mario Roommate
Hi, I am Mario and I am working at LSU for a summer Internship.I am currently living in the Cottages of Baton Rouge, but my lease will end on July 25th. I am looking for a room in which I can live from july 25th till august 15th (2015).If you have an empty room during this period please let me know! marioe.labbate@gmail.com, 225-907-5152.

Jul 15th, 15
Hanieh Javadi Khasraghi Roommate
I'm a female PhD student looking for a female roommate from August 15 onwards. The apartment is in Edward Gay apartments complex (on-campus) and has two bedrooms and one bath. I need a roommate who is a quiet, diligent, and study-oriented full-time PhD student . The rent is $345 per month (all utilities are included). If you have the above-mentioned characteristics, please do not hesitate to contact me. hjavad1@tigers.lsu.edu

Jul 13th, 15
Youjin Choi Roommate
Hi! My name is Youjin Choi. I’m a Korean girl and 26 years old. I'm going to LSU for my graduate program, studying political science. I'm outgoing and friendly in general. Not much of a party person but enjoy chilling and hanging out with people :) I have found a place at the Edward Gay dorm, and I'm currently looking for a roommate that I could live with. It's $690/month in total including utilities. I have chosen the bigger room, so I'm offering the person that would like to be my roommate to pay $330 rent out of $690. Please contact me if you are interested!

Jun 23rd, 15
Priyanka Malik Roommate
Hi, I am Priyanka and I am studying Landscape Architecture as a graduate student. I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2 bedrooms apartment at Nicholson Unit 2 from mid-August. The accommodation is at a walkable distance to the LSU campus. The rent is $605 in total, including all utilities which means $302.5 each person. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. Best, Priyanka A Malik

Jun 18th, 15
Pritam Basu Roommate
Hello - My name is Pritam (male) and I'm studying at LSU to get a Master of Science in Analytics. I am looking for an apartment (with separate room) preferably on-campus from the end of July. Please connect with me if anything is available.

Jun 18th, 15
Barnali Mazumdar Roommate
I am a female PhD student joining LSU from this coming fall. I am looking for a female roommate to share my 2 bedroom/1bathroom apartment at Nicholson II. This is an on-campus graduate student housing and the monthly rent is $605 (we will share the rent). The rent includes all utility. If you are interested then please email me at barnali.mazumdar@gmail.com.

Jun 3rd, 15
Judith De Mel Roommate
Hello! My name is Judith De Mel, a Sri Lankan Chemistry Graduate Student (female). I am looking for on campus housing in a Nicholson II apartment for Fall. Please feel free to contact me at demeljudith@gmail.com. Thank You!"

Jun 3rd, 15
Iman Zand Roommate
My name is Iman Zand, and my phone number is 225 937-4649. I'm currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and looking for a roommate. I'm living in a very nice place (2 Bed - 2 Bath ) close to lsu on BrightSide Drive (The Villas). I've furnished the apartment. The rent is only $475, and water and TV cable are included. The washer/drier is also in the apartment. Moreover, there is an "LSU BUS STOP" next to the complex. The apartment has a pool view. If you are interested, please contact me to send photos and more detail. The Apartment is available now! Best, Iman Zand

May 27th, 15
Matt Boles Roommate
My name is Matt Boles, and I am a law school student at LSU and will be studying abroad in Argentina in the fall. I am looking to sublet my apartment at Tiger Plaza from Aug 1 to Dec. 31. The apartment is furnished, and there is a gym with a tanning booth, multiple pools, gated parking, and an alarm system. I have an apartment mate (and his is in his second master's program in the business college.My roommate is from China. I decided to write you in case a student will just be here for the fall semester.

May 25th, 15
Rimun Murad Roommate
So, my name is Rimun Murad (male) and I am a Ph.D. student, looking for a male roommate for the academic year 2015-2016. He can move in by the beginning of the fall semester (in August). I live at the Edward Gay apartments on the LSU campus,. Rent for the apartment is $675, which we will be splitting in half -- each paying half of that amount

May 25th, 15
Pritishma Lakhe Roommate
I am looking for 2 roommates to share 4 bed/1.5 bathroom apartment. The apartment is full furnished with dishwasher and washer/dryer in the unit - move-in ready. It is on multiple LSU bus route. The rent is $262.50 per person + electricity and internet, which is usually around $30-$50 all together depending on usage. The apartment complex is safe as I have been living here for years. We are moving out of state and need someone to take over the lease. The apartment will be available from July, but we are flexible with move-in date. Please email me if you are interested.

May 3rd, 15
Robinjeet Singh Subleasing
Hi ! I am looking for someone to sublease one bedroom with attached bath, in a 2 br/2.5 ba 1300 sq. ft. townhouse. The sublease will be available from May 15 to July 31st, but the beginning dates are flexible. The apartment is located on S. Brightside View Dr. The normal rate of the apartment is $830 plus utilities which is split in half between the roommates. The room is fully furnished including bed, study table and an office chair. The only downside is that I have cats and they go in and out of the apartment. So if you are a cat lover and can pass on some love to them, I will delight to sublease you the room for $300/month including all the utilities.

Apr 21st, 15
Hamzeh Gol Zaroudi Subleasing
I am a PhD student, wanting to sublease my room for 2 months, from June 16 to August 15, 2015. The room is a part of a duplex unit in 5116 Highland Plantation apartments. It is very close to neighborhood Walmart market, just 2 minutes walking distance. You will have LSU tiger trails bus stop and CATS bus stop in front of the complex. It takes 5 minutes by bus to get to LSU. The rent is 380 $/month, including the electricity, internet, and other facilities. The apartment is furnished. If you are interested or have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Mar 13th, 15