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This page should help you find a room and a roommate for your stay at LSU. Email us your name, email address and/or a phone number and a brief message if you want to use this service. Your message will be posted on the website as soon as possible. We reserve the right to edit the text of a displayed message to maintain the unified layout. All postings will be removed from our website after 3 months, unless a request for further advertisement is made. If you want your message to be posted again, please send us an e-mail with updated details of your search.

You must be either an international student or a student looking for an intern

Students: We cannot filter the responses that result from this posting! Please be very careful to verify information from respondents themselves.

The email addresses listed below are photos, not text. You write them down and type them in to your response.

Name Looking for Description Date
Ahmet Eren Roommate and Room
I am admitted for MSc in Mechanical Engineering at LSU and I am looking for a room and/or roommate. My arrival will be on 5th January and please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions.

Dec 15th, 14
Gayathriy Balamayooran Roommate
I am Gayathriy Balamayooran. I am looking for a female room mate from January 10th 2015 for the spring semester. The venue of the apartment is at Nicholson Dr, on campus family apartment complex, unit 1. The apartment rent will be 350$/ month (including wifi).

Dec 15th, 14
Vova Migunov Roommate...sublease
I am Vova Migunov, male graduate student at LSU. I'm looking to sublease a room for the next semester, starting January 1st. I'm looking for preferably off-campus apartment in a walking distance to south gate in a price range of 400-450$. All the options are negotiable, on-campus graduate apartments might be an option too. Please, let me know if you have on offer.

Dec 15th, 14
Sakshi Gupta Roommate and Room
I am a female student from New Delhi, India who is looking for an apartment on rent sharing basis with a female roommate, preferably Indian. I will be pursuing MS in EE from spring 2015.

Dec 15th, 14
Karimoon Shaik Roommate and Room
I am Karimoon Shaik from India and I got admitted in LSU for spring 2015 to pursue masters in EE. I am in search of room and I will arrive in January to BR and my email is skgus15028@gmail.com .

Dec 12th, 14
Hamid Karimi Roommate
Hi. My name is Hamid Karimi, male, 28, from Iran. I will arrive in BR on 30 Dec to study for a PhD in Computer Science. I am looking for someone to share his/her apartment with me. You can email me if you have any questions.

Dec 10th, 14
Farhang Bayat Roommate
Hi, my name is Farhang Bayat. I am a 24 year old male student from Iran and I will be studying in Electrical Engineering for my PhD. I will be in US on December 29th and was wondering if anyone has an apartment he or she is willing to share with me. Please feel free to ask me any questions either by email (farhang.bayat@gmail.com) or via my Facebook account. My Facebook ID is "Hang On".

Dec 7th, 14
Zinan Wang Roommate
I am a male international prospective student in LSU for the term Spring 2015. I am looking for off campus apartment. I am quiet and friendly, and I hope my roommates are nonsmokers and nondrinkers. If you need a roommate, you can contact me.

Dec 1st, 14
Nahuel Grasso Roommate
I am Nahuel Grasso, a male graduate student from Argentina. I am studying Analytics in the College of Business (BEC Building) I am looking for a roommate to share my 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 2 floors apartment at University Views apartments (324 West Parker Blvd.). The apartment is 7 minutes far from the BEC Building by walk. The rent is $350 per person, and apart from that, about $80 per person for facilities. The apartment is furnished and is a great deal for this price. I am looking for 1 roommate that speak English preferably as first language. If you are interested, please send me an email (ngrass3@tigers.lsu.edu). Thanks.

Dec 1st, 14
Puneet Rinwa Apartment with Roommate
I am 32 male Indian postdoctoral student moving to LSU by start or mid December this year. I am looking for on/off campus apartment. You can contact me at puneetrinwa@gmail.com

Nov 24th, 14
Kendall McGuire Roommate
I am an undergraduate student going abroad in spring 2015 and am looking for a girl to sublease my apartment for that spring semester; you would be able to move-in anytime after December 14th (2014) and stay until early-mid August (2015). It is a 4 bedroom apartment at the woodlands that is fully furnished with a private bathroom and walk-in closet. Both my room and the apartment itself are very spacious and the apartment complex is really nice with a lot of awesome amenities, including a huge pool and 2 hot tubs and a gym. I have 3 amazing roommates that have become my best friends, and I know you will love them. Rent is $585/month plus utilities; however, utilities are usually no more than $35 because wifi, cable, and internet are already included. The apartment is not walking distance from LSU, but there are busses that stop at the woodlands and take you to central campus, it works out perfectly for me! Please feel free to contact me with any questions! You can also visit the website to check it out (look for the 4-bedroom townhouse floor plan) www.woodsbr.com.

Nov 14th, 14
Maina Bhagnani Roommate
I am an Economics PhD student and currently live with 2 female roommates (Chinese and Korean) in Jefferson Place Condominiums. I'm looking for a female to take over the lease beginning December 15th, 2014 (move in date flexible). Both roommates are quiet and neat. Rent is $400 and utilities are usually $50. The room is attached to a patio and the apartment has a huge kitchen with hardwood floors and new carpet. Email me or call me at 337-302-4916 for details and pics. Room may be fully furnished depending on move in date

Nov 14th, 14
Anindo Sarker Roommate
I am a male economics PhD student who has an apartment room available from late December at the Edward Gay Apartments. The rent is 345.00 including all utilities and is for the larger of the two bedrooms.

Nov 10th, 14
Kieran Oliver Hayes Roommate
Hey guys, my name is Kieran and I am an exchange student from Australia leaving at the end of the fall semester. I am looking for a male student to sublease my University Crescent room. I will be moving out on the 14th December so you can take over whenever you like after that date. It is a fully furnished 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment with a kitchen, living room and washing+drying facilities. The roommates are chilled and easy to live with. It is just a 10 minute walk to campus, 5 minutes to Tigerland and is on multiple bus routes. The complex has a pool, hot tub, basketball court, volley ball court, gym, games room, computer lab and tanning bed. Rent is $599/month +utility. You can find out more on their website (ucrescent.com) or just ask me.

Nov 5th, 14
Svenja Preker Roommate...sublease
Looking for a female student to sublease my room at the Venue! I'm an international exchange student from Germany and I will leave Louisiana at the end of December. This is why I am currently looking for a female student to sublease my room. I'm living in The Venue, which is a very nice off-campus apartment complex just next to CVS Pharmacy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chimes, etc. It is only a 2-minute walk until you are on campus, which is perfect if you don't own a car. My room is fully furnished (full size bed, desk, chair, 2 chests of drawers, walk-in closet, and sink). I share a bathroom with one other girl. The apartment is on the second floor, and we 4 girls share a well-equipped kitchen, a big living room, and a nice balcony too. My roommates are all in their undergrad studies and very nice and easy to get along with. They respect your privacy but also like to hang out together. Smoking is not allowed in our apartment (you'd have to go to the balcony for that). Rent is 635 dollars each per month plus electricity (which is usually around 30 dollars per month). Wifi is already included as are all other amenities. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Oct 28th, 14
Pallavi Singh Apartment with Roommate
I am Ph.D. student from India. I am looking for on/ off campus room to stay, as soon as possible. I would prefer to have a quiet environment and female roommates. You can contact me via email.

Oct 20th, 14
Мирослав Тушев Roommate
I'm male PHD student looking for the cheapest room possible. Location doesn't matter. I will come to LSU in the mid December. I'm very easy-going and friendly person. If you're interested - don't hesitate to contact me. I will reply as fast as possible.

Oct 10th, 14
Shalaka Kulkarni Roommate
I'm a female graduate student looking for a female roommate from November end or December onwards. The apartment is in Tigerland. The apartment has two rooms with one bath and a big kitchen with all utilities like dishwasher, electric stove, electric oven, refrigerator. It is newly renovated apartment, clean and free of cockroaches. There is a wooden and tiled floor in the apartment with no carpet for those who suffer from dust allergies. The share of rent and internet will be $355. Electricity charges will be shared month-wise. The apartment is well furnished for a student to stay comfortably. I have two king size beds, one of which can be used by my new roommate. I would prefer an Indian female roommate; however, I'm also willing to share my apartment with other female internationals if they are nonsmokers and nondrinkers. Also the apartment is in a quiet gated community with swimming pool, laundry and LSU tiger trails bus stop is right in front of the complex. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Oct 7th, 14
Mohammad Beheshti Roommate
I'm a graduate student in engineering school, I have a room available for rent in a 2 bedroom of the Embassy Apartments near the campus, in front of the Patrick F Taylor (CEBA) parking lot. The apartment is furnished and the rent is 330$/month including the electricity and the facilities. Please email me if you are interested in the apartment.

Oct 7th, 14
Aaron Lin Roommate
I am looking for a male roommate to share an apartment at Nicholson Apartments, Unit II. The apartment is on the second floor and has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The room will be available at the end of this month, September. The rent is $315, including all utilities and internet. I am a graduate student in Business Administration. If you are interested in this apartment, please contact me at wlin8@lsu.edu.

Sep 11th, 14
Ali Heidarizhaleh Roommate
My name is Ali ,I am a PhD student in LSU, I am looking for a roommate to share my 2 bedroom apartment in Edward Apartments complex. The complex is very close to school, it is about 5 mins walk to school. The rent is $337 per month including all utilities. Please contact me if you are interested

Aug 29th, 14
Hossein Saberi Roommate
Hello, I am a male PhD student at LSU. I’m looking for a roommate to share my 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment is located in Nicholson campus near to the LSU (about 5 min walk) and the rent is about 300$ per month (utilities included). Please let me know if interested or for further information. (312-4789047)

Aug 20th, 14
Fatemeh Khamespanah Roommate
Hi, I'm Fatemeh Khamespanah, an international grad student. I rented a 2-bedroom apartment of Edward Gay apartments. Now, i'm looking for a female roommate to share the unit. Rent including all the utilities is $337 per person per month. if interested please contact me at fkhame1@lsu.edu.

Aug 19th, 14
Hossein Saberi Roommate
Hello, I am a male PhD student at LSU. I’m looking for a roommate to share my 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment is located in Nicholson campus near to the LSU (about 5 min walk) and the rent is about 300$ per month (utilities included). Please let me know if interested or for further information.

Aug 19th, 14
Timmy Lopez Roommate
I am an incoming freshmen at LSU who would really like to have an international roommate, preferably one who speaks spanish. My condo is located off of Lee drive which is about 1.5 miles from campus. It is a three bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. Currently we have three guys who are living there but i am looking for a fourth willing to share a room with me in order to cut down cost. The cost per month would be $300 plus utilities. If interested please contact me at timmylopez_9@yahoo.com or (985) 276-8005.

Aug 13th, 14
Gilles Talla Roommate
Hello, I'm going to join LSU to study on BS in Petrolem Engineering. I’m looking for a roommate to share the 2 bedrooms apartment in Edward Gay apartment near LSU (about 5 min walk) . The rent is around 370$ (utilities are not included). Please contact me if you are interested.

Aug 7th, 14
Siavash Shojaat Roommate
Hello, I am a male PhD student at LSU. As my roommate is leaving the town, I’m trying to find another roommate or sublease the unit. It is a clean 2BR/1.5Bath town house near Walmart and LSU bus station at Highland Plantation. The lease runs through July, 12, 2015. The rent is $660 ($330 each person) and is paid monthly. The unit has TV, and public internet included. You need to pay electricity and water. Please send me an email if you are interested.

Aug 6th, 14