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This page should help you find a room and a roommate for your stay at LSU. Email us your name, email address and/or a phone number and a brief message if you want to use this service. Your message will be posted on the website as soon as possible. We reserve the right to edit the text of a displayed message to maintain the unified layout. All postings will be removed from our website after 3 months, unless a request for further advertisement is made. If you want your message to be posted again, please send us an e-mail with updated details of your search.

You must be either an international student or a student looking for an intern

Students: We cannot filter the responses that result from this posting! Please be very careful to verify information from respondents themselves.

The email addresses listed below are photos, not text. You write them down and type them in to your response.

Name Looking for Description Date
Mary Zadeh Roommate
Hi! I am looking for a responsible female student to share my 2BR apartment with for Spring 2016. It is located in Edward Gay Apartments (on-campus). The monthly rent for the apartment is $690 ($345 per person/month) and all the utilities and internet connection are included. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail.

Feb 2nd, 16
Thu Nguyen Roommate
My name is Thu Nguyen, a female chemistry graduate student. I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2 bedroom apartment at University View Apts, starting in May 2016. The rent is $345/month, and utilities including electricity and internet cost about $40. The apartment is within walking distance to campus. I would love to have a roommate who is a non-smoker, quiet, and tidy. If you have any question, please feel free to email me at tngu377@lsu.edu. Thank you. Thu

Jan 31st, 16
Malaika Roommate
I am seeking a roommate for the spring semester. Edward Gay Apt 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom Fully furnished Rent: $320/month (all utilities included) Interested persons can contact Malaika.

Jan 26th, 16
Judith De Mel Roommate
Hi everyone! I'm Judith, a female Chemistry grad student from Sri Lanka. I am looking for a place to move into by the end of spring semester. I prefer Embassy, southgate, or Ed Gay apartments (walking distance to campus). If you are a grad student who is quiet, clean and understands personal space and are looking for a roommate to share your apartment in one of the places mentioned, please do let me know on ldemel1@lsu.edu. Thanks!

Jan 25th, 16
Blessing Adewumi Apartment
Hello. I am a new grad student from Nigeria. I just resumed Spring 2016. I am looking for a female roommate preferably a graduate student who would like to share her apartment with me or a female who needs a roommate to rent an apartment together. I require a quiet environment for studying. I prefer an affordable apartment not too far from the campus. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. Thank you .

Jan 22nd, 16
Woochan Lee Roommate
I am looking for a roommate to share my 2b/1.5b townhome for Spring 2016 semester. It is nearby mellow mushroom, sonic, and southgate apt. It is located between Nicholson and Burbank. It is very close to shuttle stop (4 or 5 shuttle lines). It has own washer/drier and reserved parking spots. Rent is $500/room including electricity, water, sewer, and internet. It is a spacious and very clean condo. I am a graduate student and looking for a person who is quite (no party person), clean, and non-smoker. Please email me if you have interest.

Jan 13th, 16
Jess Thurman Roommate
Hi I am Jess Thurman. I am looking for a person to sublease my apartment. It is located at University Crescent, 4500 Burbank Dr. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath unfurnished. Rent it $514.00 due at the beginning of each month. The lease runs until July. The three current roommates are all male and non-smokers. Their majors are construction management, environmental engineering and petroleum engineering. Feel free to contact me through emails.

Jan 11th, 16
Robinjeet Singh Roommate
Looking for a male or female roommate (or two roommates-couples welcome) to sublease 1 BR in a very clean and spacious 1300 sq. ft., 2 BR/2.5 BA townhouse, for Spring/Summer 2016. The townhouse is on the S. Brightside Drive, on tigerland bus route. The living room and kitchen are on the first floor along with a half bath. The second floor has two bedrooms with a private full bathroom in each. The unit has its own washer/dryer. The rent share including all the utilities average about $450-460 per month per bedroom. (Total base rent for the townhouse is $830, so the cost of each bedroom plus shared living space is $415 plus utilities--that is, electricity and internet). Since we are a couple, we take up on the water and 450 channel HD cable. Water bill usually runs around $70. Anything more will be split in half. The person or a couple who is interested in checking out this good deal should be OK with cats. My girlfriend and I share one bedroom, and we have three cats. Mostly they stay in our room but are very friendly so a cat allergy could be a problem. Feel free to email me.

Jan 11th, 16
Sagar Paudel Roommate
Hello All, we are looking for another roommate to share a 3 bed 2 bath apartment at Highland Plantation Apartment. You will be sharing it with two other male nepalese graduate students. Rent is 320 plus split utilities. LSU bus and CATS (47 and 18) runs through it. Walmart and other restaurants are nearby. The room is available from Jan 10. If you are interested, please email me.

Jan 11th, 16
Murshida Khan Apartment
Hi, this is Murshida Khan, graduate student, LSU. I want to live as roommate with female student of LSU. I need room from May 2016 as my roommate will be completed her graduation on May. If anyone need roommate from May, please contact with me. Thank you.

Jan 11th, 16
Maziyar Khosravi Apartment
Hello every one. I am a future grad student looking for a place to stay or a male roommate to share two bedrooms apartment for spring 2016 semester. If you are searching for a roommate to share your one of two bedrooms or want to rent a house together for spring 2016 just email me. Thanks.

Dec 21st, 15
Shana S Khan Roommate
I am a female graduate student looking for a female roommate to share my two bedroom, one bathroom apartment located at Highland Plantation. This is serviced by the LSU Highland Burbank bus and the CATS Bus 74 Highland Road. This apartment complex is located walking distance from a neighborhood Walmart and a few restaurants. LSU campus is approximately 10 minutes away. You can move in anytime. Kindly contact me for further details

Dec 20th, 15
Manju Mummadisetti Roommate
Hi! I am Manju, a graduate student at LSU. I am looking for a female roommate for spring 2016. I live in Nicholson Unit II. It's a two bedroom apartment, and one of the bedrooms is available for sharing. The total rent is $605 ($302.5 per head) which includes all utilities except internet. Apartment is fully furnished and well kept. It is available to move-in immediately. If interested, please email me.

Dec 16th, 15
Valentina Rosasco Silva Roommate
Hi everyone! I am subleasing a master bedroom at embassy apartments for the spring semester. The location is literally the best in BR for LSU students, just 5 minutes walking to campus. I live with a male graduate LSU student, he is really responsible, organized and quiet. I never had a problem with him, he is great. The rent is $425+internet ($24)+energy (between $25-40 depending on the usage) the rest of the services are included. The apartment and the room are furnished. The apartment will be available from December 21st-May 15th.

Dec 14th, 15
Julia Joy Roommate
Hi, I’m a female graduate student from Africa looking for a roommate to share a 2 BR/1 bath Apt at Edward Gay Apartments. The monthly rent is $690 ($345 /person) all utilities included. You can move in whenever you want. Please feel free to email me if you are interested. Thanks!

Dec 13th, 15
Mohammad Saleh Apartment
Hello! I’m Moe, a male undergraduate international student joining LSU this Spring. I’m looking for a place to stay in for the spring semester (from January till mid May). As a roommate, I'm about as easy going as it gets. I'm hassle-free & drama-free. I'm a non-smoker & I don't have pets but don't mind having them around. Ideally, I'm looking for a furnished place within preferably a walking distance or possibly a biking distance to LSU. If you are interested, you can reach me by email.

Dec 13th, 15
Katheryn J Parraga Estrada Roommate
Hello, female grad student looking for roommate to share 2 br/1ba apartment located on Edward Gay. In the bus route, $345 rent all included. Available on December 12th. Please contact me if you have any question. Thank you

Dec 11th, 15
Alaa Aboukila Roommate
My name is Alaa Aboukila, from Egypt, I have been at Louisiana State University as a postdoctoral researcher on contract from August, 2015 to January 31, 2016. I am presently living in Cambridge complex, but that arrangement ends on December 31, 2015. Because I am not scheduled to return to Egypt until February 8, 2016, I need to find someone who can share his apartment with a male roommate from either December 8 to February 8 (2 months) or January 1 to February 8, whichever you prefer. If you have a roommate who will be away over the Christmas break or just have a place for one more person in your apartment anyway, please let me hear from you.

Dec 4th, 15
Anam Waheed Roommate
Hi! I'm looking to sublease my apartment at Burbank Commons 4b/2b for only $393 per month. The room is fully furnished as well as the whole apartment. Laundry services included in the apartment. Utility bills are minimal. Very neat and clean room available Dec 12. Please contact me if interested. I reply very quickly on email.

Dec 3rd, 15
Fallon Salinas Roommate
Hi, female grad student looking for roommate to share a 2br\2ba located on Brightside Drive. Furnished and in the bus route. $350 rent all included. Has lsu and cats bus stops in front. Available december 15th. Please email me questions.

Nov 23rd, 15
Vijay Chhetri Roommate
Hi, we are looking for a male roommate to share a 3 bed room apartment in Highland Plantation Apartment. We, two roommates are graduate students (PhD and Master’s) at LSU. The apartment is very close to wall mart, and it takes around 5 minutes to reach LSU on TigerTrails. The Apartment has a large living room, three bed rooms and two bathrooms. The rent per person will be $ 333 per month + electricity and internet utilities (splitting from total rent $999). The room will be available from December 15, 2015. If you are interested please contact me

Nov 9th, 15
Agnes Dengreville Roommate
Because I am leaving the country on December 14, I am seeking a sublease for my apartment. The sublease would be with the management of Highland Plantation. The date of the sublease can be flexible: December 1st, December 15th, or January 1st. The apartment is part of Highland Plantation and is on the LSU bus route (Highland-Burbank) as well as the CATS bus route (Line 47 goes from downtown to the LSU Mall). The rent of $645 per month includes water, internet, and cable. The studio is furnished, which includes stove/oven, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and freezer. In addition, I can leave in place a sofa, a table, and other items such as plates, glasses, etc. Anyone who is interested can text or call me at 225 505-2971, or email me at the address below.

Nov 9th, 15
Camila X. Carvalho Roommate
Small room at E Boyd Dr with Highland, right by the Southgate. About 15 minutes walking to the Union. Available in November (or even before) for $275/month. All utilities included, laundry room outside the apartment, Wi-Fi. Big living room but small kitchen and bathroom. No pets. I am looking for a female, clean, down to earth, lgbt friendly and not too loud. I am a Landscape Architecture major, 28 years-old, graduating on May 2016, super chill, and I spend a lot of time inside. I have people over rarely. Contact for questions, pictures or schedule a visit 225-284-4207 (only text or WhatsApp).

Oct 26th, 15
Fatemeh Khamespanah Roommate
Hi,I'm a junior grad student looking for a female student willing to share her apartment or some one who is looking for a friend to rent an apartment together for Spring 2016. I'm an active, outgoing and friendly person, but also I'm looking for a quiet and comfortable house for studying. Please contact me if you have the same interest.

Oct 20th, 15
Rimud Murad Roommate
My name is Rimun Murad, a PhD student from Syria. I am looking for a male roommate for the spring semester of 2016. I live at Edward Gay apartments and rent for the apartment is $690, so it will come down to $345 for each of us a month. You will be able to move in as soon as the fall semester is over. If you are interested, please contact me.

Oct 9th, 15
Shan Naindu Roommate
Hi,I am a PhD student, looking for a male roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment in Edward Gay Apartments (on campus). Your share of the monthly rent would be $340 which includes all the utilities (electricity, cable, internet). The room will be available from 15th Oct or Nov or Dec 2015 or from Jan 2016. Please send a message from your LSU email account, if you are interested. Thanks.

Oct 9th, 15
Jean Carlos Mena Roommate
"Hello, I am looking for a male roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment in Edward Gay Apartments (on campus). Your share of the monthly rent would be $340, and it includes all the utilities. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested."

Sep 14th, 15
Masoud Zadghorban Roommate
As a male PhD student in Electrical Engineering, I am looking for a roommate. The address is at Nicholson Apartments, close to all campus departments and with an awesome air conditioning service suitable for Baton Rouge hot weather (and you won’t pay for electricity). This is a 2-bedroom apartment, and the rent is $302 per person, per month.

Aug 27th, 15
Dominique Clark Galam Roommate
A room is available in a 2 bedroom apartment located in Edward Gay Apartments (on-campus) for a male grad student. I am a PhD student in Agronomy who is searching for a mature and responsible roommate. The monthly rent for the apartment is $690 ($345 per person/month). All the utilities are included. The apartment is fully furnished. Please contact me through email or message me at 2259318545 if interested...

Aug 26th, 15
DaHyung Yang Roommate
Hi, I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment. I'm DaHyung from South Korea! I am majoring in landscape architecture as a graduate student. I am sociable but also quiet at home. I am living in the Edward Gay Apartment complex, which is located on campus. "How much does it rent for?" It's $690 per month including internet services. Therefore your share would be $345 per month (half). Feel free to contact me if you want to be my future roommate. Thank U!

Aug 23rd, 15
Viviane Tauscher Roommate
Hey, I am looking for a female who wants to join the University Crescent Community. I am going to relet my room after this Fall Semester because I have to go back to Germany. Earliest move-in could be middle of December 2015. The apartment complex is off-campus but still very close to campus. Two LSU Tiger Trail bus lines are available. The room is full furnished with a full-sized bed, a desk, a chair, a shelf and has its own bathroom as well as a walk-in closet. To the complex belongs a pool, a small lake, a fitness room and a gaming room. The staff and also my flatmates are very nice, and University Crescent is a great place to live. The lease is $589 plus water and electricity, but Internet and TV are already included. Please contact me, if you are interested.

Aug 18th, 15
Arvind Saini Roommate
Location : Ed Gay Apartments I am a Phd student in Computer Science who is searching for a mature roommate, preferably a Phd student or Research Scholar. I live in Ed Gay Apts. The rent for the apartment is $690 per month, which, when split between two persons, comes to $345 per person per month. (All the utilities are included). Please note currently I am out of the country. I will be coming back on August 24th. Please do contact me if you are interested.

Aug 18th, 15
Sara Zahraeifard Roommate
The larger room in a 2br apartment is available for rent to a female... The apartment is in EMBASSY complex (very close to the campus) and the rent is $425/mo. MSG me on 315-5461 if you are interested…

Aug 17th, 15
Pooria Mohammadi Roommate
A room is available in a 2 bedroom Embassy apartment for a busy female grad student. The room has a walk-in closet and is furnished with a double/full size bed, desk and chair. Rent is $400 including utility and internet. Message if you had any question.

Aug 17th, 15
Chang Liu Roommate
My name is Chang Liu. My email is cliu14@tigers.lsu.edu. my phone number is 832-205-3651 I am looking for a person or two persons to sublease my current apartment, It locates at tigerland, Cambridge apartment. The rent is 600/month. it is a one bedroom and one bathroom. Room size is big and the place is nice and quiet. There is a school line in front of the apartment and it is convenient to commute.

Jul 27th, 15
Ramy Alsaffar Roommate
Hi, my name is Ramy Alsaffar, male, 28 years old. I am a graduate student from Iraq. I am looking for a room and a roommate. I am going to study Computer Science for two years. I don't smoke. I will arrive on August 8th. please contact me as soon as possible: My email address is: ramyalsaffar@yahoo.com My number (for whatsapp & vibe) is: 009647901189733

Jul 24th, 15
Sunghyun Kim Apartment
Hi, my name is Sunghyun Kim, an international graduate student from Korea. I am looking for a place to live. Especially, I would like to get Eduard Gay or Nicholson house. Another place would be fine if under 400 per a month. I am study-oriented and no smoking.

Jul 22nd, 15
Gazelle Naghshbandi Roommate
I am a Grad Fine art student, looking for a female roommate share my 2 bedroom apartment for september. The room is located in Embassy Apartments, very close to Campus, just 10 minutes walking distance. The rent, not including electricity and internet, would be 428$. The apartment is unfurnished. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jul 21st, 15
Jose N. Martinez Roommate
I am a Engineering Science PhD international student from Honduras looking for a room or apartment to rent for the Fall 2015 semester. I'm easy going and chill. Looking to move in by the end of the first week of August, sooner or later if needed. My number is 601-596-3257. Willing to get something at Eduard Gay or Nicholson, but I can take any other complex either.

Jul 21st, 15
Youjin Choi Roommate
I’m a Korean girl and 25 years old. Going to LSU for my graduate program, studying political science. Outgoing and friendly in general. Not much of a party person but enjoy chilling and hanging out with people. I have a place at Nicholson dorm and currently looking for a roommate that I can move in with. I'm looking for a female rommate. I'll pay $320, and you can pay $285 since my room is a little bit bigger than your room, but there's no big difference in the size of the two rooms. The move in date is on August 4th. My email is yjchoi1123@gmail.com If you're interested, contact me!:)

Jul 20th, 15
Jeewan Ranasinghe Roommate
Hi, I am Jeewan and I am a 2nd year PhD student from the department of Chemistry. I am looking for a bedroom to rent at Edward Gay apartment. I would like to move-in by the beginning of September. I am friendly and a study oriented person. Please feel free to contact me if you have an empty room.

Jul 17th, 15
Mohammad Mussadiq Jalalzai Roommate
I'm M. Mussadiq Jalalzai. I'm graduate student in Computer Science. I live in an on-campus apartment with two bedrooms and I would like to share one of the room. The rent would be $320 in total: $300 of rent plus $20 for internet if needed. You can move-in from the 1st week of August. Contact if you are interested or want more information.

Jul 17th, 15
Mario Roommate
Hi, I am Mario and I am working at LSU for a summer Internship.I am currently living in the Cottages of Baton Rouge, but my lease will end on July 25th. I am looking for a room in which I can live from july 25th till august 15th (2015).If you have an empty room during this period please let me know! marioe.labbate@gmail.com, 225-907-5152.

Jul 15th, 15