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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

HSS College Announces Study Abroad Scholarships

28 Nov 2012 | Back to News List

By: College of Humanities & Social Sciences

To encourage HSS students to benefit from some of LSU’s most enriching programs, Dean Gaines Foster has initiated a limited number of $1000 scholarships for HSS students who will be studying abroad this next summer or next academic year (2013-2014) or who will be a part of a full-semester domestic exchange program within the US. Eligible students must be in one of the programs administered through LSU Academic Programs Abroad.

Selection criteria include GPA, the applicability of your study abroad program to your academic program and career plans, foreign language preparation, the quality of your statement, and of course you must be a continuing student in the college (so no May graduates). These $1000 scholarships will go a good way toward relieving one of the main obstacles to spending time abroad or at another school (i.e., money), so we hope those of you applying for a program will also apply for a scholarship. The funding will be deposited your bursar’s account before the fee bills are due for the summer program.

The application form is simple. Please e-mail a completed copy of the form to Dr. Malcolm Richardson at enmric@lsu.edu by Friday, January 25. The application form is found here:

Students who are receiving other financial aid for a program abroad are not eligible for the HSS support, so that you can’t (for example) get a study-abroad scholarship from both the Honors College and HSS.

Funding comes from the Tiger Athletic Foundation through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.